Commissioning of machines

Commissioning of machines

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Work equipment may be operated solely in compliance with occupational safety and health regulations and standards. And if there are no relevant regulations or standards, at least the scientific and technical requirements must be kept.

The operating employer must order the operation of the dangerous facility, workplace, work equipment, technology in written form.

Act XCIII/1993 on Occupational Safety and Health 21. §

What is a dangerous work equipment?

Dangerous: a facility, work equipment, work process or technology having severe adverse effects on the health and physical integrity of the employees in the sake of appropriate protection.

Examples of dangerous work equipment include, but are not limited to:

  • Circular saws
  • Hand-fed surface planing machines for woodworking
  • Band-saws
  • Hand-fed tenoning machinery with several tool holders for woodworking
  • Manual chainsaw machinery for woodworking
  • Hand-fed vertical spindle moulding machinery for working with wood and similar materials
  • Presses and bending machines for metalworking
  • Injection or compression plastics-moulding machinery
  • For underground work
    • on-track machines (OTMs), locomotives and brake-vans;
    • hydraulic power-operated roof supports;
    • built-in internal combustion engines
  • Jacks (lifts) mounted on vehicles
  • Machines for lifting persons, where there is a risk of falling from a height of more than 3 meters
  • Pyrotechnic product manufacturing machines
  • Power-driven cranes and trolleys
  • Power-driven forklifts
  • Electric hoists
  • Loaders
  • Agricultural and forestry tractors
  • Specific equipment for emptying and moving vehicles
  • On-site assembled power-driven cranes
  • Specific on-site assembled equipment for emptying and moving vehicles
  • Temporarily usable machines for lifting persons

and other work equipment as defined by the decree of the Minister for Employment and subject to authorized supervision.


It is a safety process, when the operating company makes sure that the given facility, workplace, technology and work equipment meet the safety requirements so the operation can be ordered.
The prerequisite of the commissioning is the preliminary examination from safety point of view. The purpose of this examination is to determine whether the facility, workplace, work equipment, technology meets the material, personal, organizational and working environment conditions necessary for safe working.

The examination is considered to be an occupational safety and health activity, so it must be carried out by an OSH qualified person.

The pre-requisites and process of commissioning

The first step is to review the standard of the electrical equipment’s protection against physical contact (commonly known as shock protection measurement), which must be carried out at the installment of the new electrical equipment and / or new physical contact protection equipment before being put into operational use.
Then comes the equipment’s preliminary examination for safety, and during this you also have to examine the availability of:
  • statements of the constructors (designer, contractor)
  • measurement results proving that the equipment meets the conditions of the OSH requirements, declarations and certifications of conformity for work equipment
  • necessary official licences
  • instructions needed for the operation
If the documents listed above are available and the equipment is OK, the employer shall order in writing, to put the equipment into operation. After this, a safety review has to be carried out at least every 5 years, which is also an occupational safety and health activity, so it must be carried out by an OSH qualified person.


  • Employees’ medical fitness shall be examined. Those who work with dangerous machinery must have valid occupational medical examination.
  • Employees must be given an safety induction, as the training shall be updated in the case of installing a new machine or technology
  • Risk assessment must be reviewed and updated
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