Safety of solar plant construction

Napelem parkok építésének munkavédelme

It is no exaggeration at all to say that solar plants are currently growing like mushrooms, in Hungary. According to an article of the Energy Club (Energiaklub), in 2016 the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) issued permits for 1,917 solar power plant constructions (930 MW in total)…that’s not a few. So there […]

OSH in small businesses

Vállalkozások munkavédelme

Your business has only a few, or none employees at all, because you are the only one in it? Furthermore they don’t do hazardous work because they sit in the office, dealing with real estates, accounting or being a beautician, manicurist, etc… THEN WHY SHOULD YOU DEAL WITH SAFETY? Well, that’s a mistake… even a […]

Commissioning of machines

Gépek üzembe helyezése

Work equipment may be operated solely in compliance with occupational safety and health regulations and standards. And if there are no relevant regulations or standards, at least the scientific and technical requirements must be kept. The operating employer must order the operation of the dangerous facility, workplace, work equipment, technology in written form. Act XCIII/1993 […]