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Preparation of
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Safety at
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Preparation of
Risk assessments

All Companies with at least 1 employee must have risk assessment. Preparing the risk assessment is an occupational safety activity, so it can only be performed by an occupational safety specialist.



Year by year, the most accidents occur in the construction industry. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of these accidents are fatal. Construction safety is regulated by the Decree 4/2002 (II. 20.) SZCSM-EüM

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It is mandatory for each Company, to provide occupational safety induction to its employees. This training should be repeated from time to time and in case of significant changes in working conditions.

Vállalkozások munkavédelme

Safety at
small enterprises

Even in the case of a one-person business, there may be occupational safety rules that must be followed. For example, regarding the handling of hazardous materials or even regarding the used electrical machines.

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Safety commissioning of machines

Prior to commissioning of dangerous machinery, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary inspection from safety point of view. Operating without commissioning is a serious threat and may result in severe penalties.

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Protective equipment policy

We determine which workflows require which protective equipment. We provide information on the appropriate type, standard, required documentation, and instruction on the use of protective equipment.

We have...

TÜV SCC Certification

The certificate of TÜV SCC makes us to be able to work in places, where this is a requirement (e.g. in the plants of MOL)

Our goal
…is to minimize the number and impact of risks to Your Company’s employees and thereby create safer, better working conditions.
What we do?

– risk assessments

– safety induction thematics

– safety commissioning reports

– protective equipment policy

– other safety documentation

– occupational safety of small businesses

– construction safety coordination

Where do we work?

We can take safety documentation and occupational safety works in the western region of Hungary.

Construction safety coordination we do in the area of the whole country.

Active Safety Ltd.

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