Protective equipment policy

Protective equipment policy

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Providing workers with individual protective equipment is the obligation and responsibility of the employer. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the employer shall specify the requirements for the personal protective equipment in writing. This document is the personal protective equipment (PPE) policy.

In the personal protective equipment policy, the employer defines the work processes and technologies that justify the use of protective equipment for each workplace and job role, as well as the type of the allocated protective equipment and other requirements related to the use of the equipment.

Selecting the protective equipment and defining the protective equipment policy are occupational safety and health activities.

During the development of the protective equipment policy the nature and level of risks shall be determined, a protective equipment appropriate to the nature and level of risks, the level of physical work performed by the employee and the climatic environment must be provided, which must be selected within the limits of the equipment’s intended use.

The protective equipment policy includes among others, relevant information on:

  • inspection, storage, replacement of protective equipment,
  • maintenance,
  • handling worn-out protective equipment as hazardous waste,
  • and the conditions of the protective equipment’s use (including the duration of use).
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